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Case studies, insights, and tips on digital marketing

How Google Policies Affect The Ad Market: How-To For Marketers

In an effort to protect user privacy, Google introduces policies that limit data collection. Opting out of 3rd party cookies is a game changer in the advertising industry.
27 Feb

Key trends of influencer marketing 2023

We've made an analysis of the state of influencer marketing. As a result, 5 key trends of influencer marketing in 2023 were identified.
07 Feb

What makes the mobile gaming industry in Finland as attractive as never before

Insights on what makes Finland such a great entry point for the mobile gaming market, both developers and publishers.
21 Dec

How to improve playable ads?

5 ways to improve performance and drive quality users to your mobile app.
02 Dec

How Can YouTube Shorts Work For Your Brand?

YouTube Shorts is an easy-to-use platform to shoot and edit short, engaging and catchy videos. Therefore, it can be a good idea to add Shorts to your video digital strategy yet not to make it your entire social media strategy.
02 Nov

Mobile gaming audience in 2023: How to reach them and boost your sales?

The mobile gaming audience is the largest one in the world, both men and women play games on smartphones, literally everyone at any age.
29 Sep

The Ultimate Guide to OEM Advertising for App Developers

How to launch a successful OEM campaign
29 Sep

13 KPIs to Measure Your Mobile Game

Here, we covered 13 relevant metrics that help to identify how successful and profitable your game is.
05 Sep

Community Commerce on TikTok: The Future of Online Shopping

In recent years, we have seen how oversaturated the social media market has become with products.
30 Aug

In-Game Ad Formats For Mobile Games

Here, we put together a list of in-game ad formats that can help your brand be more visible, and enhance the user experience.
14 Jul