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Case studies, insights, and tips on digital marketing
Honkai: Star Rail’s Influencer Marketing Campaign: A Blueprint for Gaming Success
Honkai: Star Rail’s influencer marketing campaign serves as an exemplary blueprint for gaming success
04 Jul
The Rise of Adflation: How Can Apps & Games Market Efficiently in 2023
Living in 2023 is more expensive than ever, and ad services are no exception. And while record-high inflation is already being fought with by many countries, the adflation (ad inflation) doesn’t have an easy solution.
06 Jun
Insights on the Latest YouTube Trends, Meta, and Instagram Reels, or We Launched Our YouTube Podcast
25 May
How is predictive analytics used in marketing and advertising?
Predictive analytics is a valuable tool for businesses and organizations looking to make informed decisions based on data and statistics
28 Apr
Brand Power And Where To Find It: Measuring The Effect of Influencer Marketing
Zorka.Agency explores why current attribution models don't always work, and proposes an influencer marketing attribution model that considers the organic boost
05 Apr
How To Increase Sales Volume For A Top-10 E-commerce App With 80% Brand Recognition
30 Mar
“Let me de-influence you…”: TikTok’s Latest Trend, Explained.
In recent years, social media platforms such as TikTok have become a hub for influencers to share their lives, promote products, and gain followers. However, a new trend has emerged that is shaking up the traditional influencer marketing model.
16 Mar
In A Nutshell: Israel Mobile Game Market
Israel’s gaming industry saw an impressive 54% CAGR (Compound annual growth rate), with revenues increasing by approximately 760% over the past years.
15 Mar
How To Fail An App Marketing Campaign
So what are some surefire ways for a marketer in 2023 to fail an advertising campaign?
03 Mar
How Google Policies Affect The Ad Market: How-To For Marketers
In an effort to protect user privacy, Google introduces policies that limit data collection. Opting out of 3rd party cookies is a game changer in the advertising industry.
27 Feb