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The Ultimate Guide to OEM advertising

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Case studies, insights, and tips on digital marketing

The Ultimate Guide to OEM Advertising for App Developers

How to launch a successful OEM campaign
29 Sep

13 KPIs to Measure Your Mobile Game

Here, we covered 13 relevant metrics that help to identify how successful and profitable your game is.
05 Sep

Community Commerce on TikTok: The Future of Online Shopping

30 Aug

In-Game Ad Formats For Mobile Games

Here, we put together a list of in-game ad formats that can help your brand be more visible, and enhance the user experience.
14 Jul

Email Marketing Metrics You Need To Measure

There are essential email KPIs that every marketer needs to track. An accurate data analysis can help you make more informed and smart business decisions.
06 Jul

How could influencer marketing special projects help a brand achieve business goals?

Zorka.Agency shares top-notch examples of IM special projects.
21 Jun

Boosting e-Commerce sales when traffic sources seem to run dry

Learn more about the collaboration of Zorka.Agency and one of the largest retail chains in Germany that had OEM traffic sources at its core, and why you should keep OEMs on your radar.
10 Jun

App Store Optimization: iOS & Google Play

Helpful set of practices to get more visibility and organic downloads in the app stores in 2022.
01 Jun

What Should Marketers Know About OEM-Marketing in 2022?

OEMs are going to take the leading role in UA channels in the next few years. Why? Read all about it here.
30 May

Case Study: Boosting Pharmacy Sales with Mobile App

Despite the coronavirus pandemic that drastically accelerated the growth of the online pharmaceutical market, Zorka.Agency was tasked with increasing the number of in-app sales.
29 Apr