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Case studies, insights, and tips on digital marketing
Mastering Omnichannel Marketing: Connecting with Your Customers Everywhere
12 Oct
Unlocking the Power of Brand Loyalty: A Roadmap for Success
05 Oct
Gaming’s Immersive Future: Insights from gamescom ‘23
In a comprehensive exploration of gaming trends, speakers delved into the industry’s transformative landscape
02 Oct
Case Study: AR Influencer Marketing Campaign in the Gaming Realm
What if, instead of pulling players into the digital world of the game, we could bring the game’s adventures into our reality?
29 Sep
Creators vs. Brands: How to Get Influencer Endorsement (and Not Get Sued)
09 Aug
The Power of Marketing Localization in Your Digital Marketing Strategy
In a world where international expansion is essential for business growth, marketing localization is a vital component of a successful digital marketing strategy
03 Aug
Honkai: Star Rail’s Influencer Marketing Campaign: A Blueprint for Gaming Success
Honkai: Star Rail’s influencer marketing campaign serves as an exemplary blueprint for gaming success
04 Jul
The Rise of Adflation: How Can Apps & Games Market Efficiently in 2023
Living in 2023 is more expensive than ever, and ad services are no exception. And while record-high inflation is already being fought with by many countries, the adflation (ad inflation) doesn’t have an easy solution.
06 Jun
Insights on the Latest YouTube Trends, Meta, and Instagram Reels, or We Launched Our YouTube Podcast
25 May
How is predictive analytics used in marketing and advertising?
Predictive analytics is a valuable tool for businesses and organizations looking to make informed decisions based on data and statistics
28 Apr