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Case Study: AR Influencer Marketing Campaign in the Gaming Realm

29 Sep

In the vast realm of adventure gaming, “RAID: Shadow Legends” stands out as a title that has deeply resonated. Its allure has been amplified over the years, echoing through the gaming community and frequently championed by bloggers. Faced with the mission to create a unique experience that would attract newcomers and reignite the passion of seasoned players, an unconventional idea emerged. What if, instead of pulling players into the digital world of the game, we could bring the game’s adventures into our reality?

This notion paved the way for the extraordinary AR Quest “Dragon EGG Hunt” within the world of “RAID: Shadow Legends.” With just their in-game ID, players had the ability to open a portal from any location, leading them to an encounter with the formidable Dragon, a beloved and iconic boss from the game. The mission was enticingly simple yet captivating: approach a mysterious chest, find the hidden dragon egg, and uncover enticing prizes. Ensuring a seamless experience, the quest was crafted to be accessible via a mobile website, eliminating the need for any additional installations.

As the quest was unveiled, influential gaming bloggers became the bridge between worlds, guiding their audiences on this exhilarating journey that merged virtual and real-life adventures. The outcome was nothing short of magical. Players from all corners of the globe wholeheartedly embraced this immersive experience, blurring the lines between the digital realm and reality, and setting a fresh, innovative standard for gaming narratives.

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