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Performance Marketing. Tools

23 Oct

Last time we talked about performance marketing basics and dived into the understanding of what it is, what are the key traffic sources and what clients can get from such kind of marketing. Here, Zorka.Agency experts go further and get you acquainted with performance marketing tools, key metrics, services and the role of creatives. Let’s go!

What are the most important and effective tools in Performance Marketing?

For us, there are two main performance marketing tools: contextual advertising and SEO. But it doesn’t mean that the list is completed. As marketing sharks, we usually use a lot of different features in our work — email and mobile marketing, web analytics, CRM bases, native ads, SMM, etc. To be honest, the list of useful tools in performance marketing is rather huge. So you need to decide what kinds of them are good for your own product and use them.

What should you pay attention to in an advertising campaign?

First of all, the advertiser’s metrics. The advertiser of the product must evaluate such metrics as ARPPU in order to get the desired LTV as the main metric. And by analyzing this data, the advertiser is able to calculate his ROMI. Based on this indicator, you can understand what has affected the final result and how to repeat success or avoid failure in the future. Creative rules should not be too complicated for publishers in order to give them an opportunity to test different hypotheses and approaches.

For publishers, the main metric is ROI. When working with the advertising campaign, you should pay attention to CTR and CR from click to install. To get good results, it is important to pay attention to creatives and targeting. By finding the golden mean between traffic quality and your ROI, you will secure a long-term partnership with the advertiser.

What are the key metrics in Performance Marketing?

As for mobile app marketing, the first one is CPI = cost per install, but it is more like a starting point. When it comes to performance marketing, all the metrics are connected with the results advertisers want to achieve.

We use such metrics as: CPA, which measures the costs of a customer taking an action in the app. Cost Per Sale, which is common for e-commerce projects. We also consider important such metrics like retention rate, user lifetime value and return on investment.

What is Supperapp and how to promote it effectively?

Superapp takes its roots from Asia and it is an app with an expanded set of functions. Food delivery, booking services, money transfer — all of these and even more can now be fit in one app. While it’s common for the Asian market, it’s quite new for CIS countries. In order to gain audience to your superapp, you should actively promote its advantages: simplicity, convenience, loyalty programs, cashback. In order to convince a user to make a choice in favor of one superapp instead of 5–10 separate apps he is used to.

Automatic strategies or manual bid management? What is better and for whom?

If we’re talking about Facebook, there are several bid strategies. Some of them aim to receive higher volumes, but costs may increase. The others allow to receive cheaper results and control bids but with limited volumes. Our team uses auto bids to get higher volumes of traffic. It requires more attention from the media buying team. But Facebook automated rules help us to manage multiple ads sets running at the same time.

Why do you need end-to-end analytics in Performance Marketing?

There are lots of business strategies that promise you to boost your business in an instant. However, not all of them are suitable for every company and niche. Luckily, there is an instrument that can help you to improve your business from various perspectives. And it’s called end-to-end analytics.

End-to-end analytics is a way to analyze the effectiveness of an advertising campaign based on full data of the customer’s journey: from the first glimpse to an install, purchase, or any other post-install event. Its main aim is to understand whether the advertising campaign is successful judging by the most reliable metric — revenue. In other words, it helps you to understand the effectiveness of each dollar invested in the advertising campaign taking into account the profit received. The point is to collect all the information on user behavior, ad cost, completed orders and the number of offline sales. With this information, you can make more accurate customer selection to find out the areas of growth and to discover the best sources for attracting traffic and optimize that accordingly.

To sum up, end-to-end analytics helps you to assess how your online presence affects your offline sales. Moreover, it helps you to increase your ROI by cutting off ineffective channels and investing only in working once.

What services are used for working with applications in Performance Marketing?

The first thing you need when starting User Acquisition campaigns for mobile apps is mobile attribution analytics. Most of our clients use Adjust or Appsflyer. We also use Apptica — a tool for app and advertising analytics. Tools for competitor’s ad analysis are Adplexity, AdHeart, Macaw and others. If we talk about our creative team, they use Shutterstock and Videoblocks. From these stock libraries, they get images, footages for creating banners and videos.

What is the role of creatives in Performance Marketing?

In terms of great competition, where dozens and hundreds of similar apps function on the market, creatives play a crucial role in the app promotion. It’s a tool that helps you to grab the attention of your target audience, to tell people about your product and to highlight the unique point that would distinguish it from your competitors.

What is a lifetime of creatives?

It’s a kind of complicated question. You need to separate it into two different parts. First of all, how big is your audience? The bigger the audience is, the easier it is to find a target one who reacts to your creative. The second question is how clickable is your ad? In general, we can talk about two weeks, but it’s not always the rule. So, you must understand that you need to change those creatives. If you understand that your approach is going to live long then you can just change your creative a bit. For example, swap colors or crop it.