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The Instagram Rich List. Zorka.Agency reacts.

07 Aug

On July 23rd, Business Insider published a rating “The 35 celebrities and athletes who make the most money per Instagram post”. Zorka.Agency experts in influencer marketing Kristina Nikeenko and Sair Mir give their comments on the article and share their thoughts on how non-celebrities got to the Top 35 of the richest people on Instagram and why.

Sair Mir. Chief Commercial Officer

Make your ad a part of the show, let it look native and sound real.

Traditional A-list celebrities dominate the Top-20 but we do see influencers, whose careers are born solely from social media, rapidly rise up the rankings — a new generation of A-list celebrity.

Influencers continue to grow their media value, in some cases greater value than their traditional celebrity counterparts. Where a traditional celebrity’s relevance and resonance stems from their craft or sport, influencers typically focus on a singular genre, be that games, fashion or tech. An influencers’ endorsement has a greater impact on their captive audience, an opportunity savvy marketers are recognizing.

Kristina Nikeenko. Influencer Marketing Team Lead

You don’t need to be a great analyst to guess who is going to be the top 5 richest people the next year. Selena Gomez, Kim Kardashian, and Cristiano Ronaldo been there since the research was conducted. But the mind-blowing fact is a significant growth of influencers. Just in 2 years, no name guys managed to find their niche, get the trust of the audience, make people addicted to their content and become a part of the top 35 richest people on Instagram. You ask why? Just because they are real.

People on the list are trendsetters. Being the advertiser, I would follow these influencers first of all for the inspiration. Social media is fulfilled with branded content, which makes the audience blind to ads. Due to this fact, you have to be always aware of trends, formats and creative approaches. Make your ad a part of the show, let it look native and sound real.

Lele Pone and Michelle Lewin are the ones I personally follow for a long time. They are both from Venezuela. Michelle is a fitness star, she posts useful workout tips, exercises and funny stories from her trips and everyday life. And Lele is YouTuber who became famous for her entertaining short videos. I’m not a big fan of the content itself, but there are branded integrations that are really worth seeing.

Watch our reaction video here