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The wind of change reached YouTube Audience in Russia

24 Mar

How has YouTube user behavior changed in Russia over the past months? What are the top searches? What channel categories are trending now? Find the insights in our latest YouTube analysis.

According to a DataReportal’ Digital 2022 report, YouTube is one of the most popular social media platforms in Russia, where users spend ~27.1 hours per month. The latest updates to Google’s advertising resources indicate that YouTube had 106.0 million users in Russia in early 2022. It means that YouTube’s 2022 ad reach was equivalent to 72.7 percent of Russia’s total population at the start of the year. Based on those figures, YouTube ads reached 81.7 percent of Russia’s total internet user base in January 2022.

As an international digital agency, we keep an eye on everything that happens in the global media market. We systematically analyse: how social media platforms are developing, how user behavior is changing, the dynamics of influencers’ audience growth, trends in the advertising industry, etc.

Our latest analysis reveals that the popularity of news channels and influencers who discuss hot topics increased dramatically. On the other hand, we noticed the largest drop in views and engagement in the Entertainment category where the target audience aged 25+.

Also, since Google suspended all online advertising in Russia, brands are looking for new ad opportunities in other social platforms such as VK, Yandex.Zen, Telegram, and others.

To find insights on YouTube audiences in Russia download our analysis results here.