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Ad formats for targeting gamers

01 Apr

The number of mobile games available on app stores is constantly increasing. Therefore, you need to build a bold strategy to promote your game to stand out in this market. Mobile game marketing takes many forms, and your aim as a marketer is to increase installs and make sure that your audience stays engaged longer.

According to the Tapjoy survey, respondents pay more attention to ads placed in mobile games (41%) rather than on the internet (17%), in magazines (15%), or on billboards (15%). Keeping that in mind, we would like to share a few impactful and unique ways to increase your brand awareness and engage users that have an interest in your game.

01. Video ads

Attention is an essential part of any advertising. Think about game features that make it unique — characters, gameplay mechanics, visual style, etc. — and show them in a way that grabs the attention of your target audience.

02. In-game native ads

That is one of the most innovative in-game ad formats that create a non-intrusive advertising experience. In-game native ads are directly integrated into the game. Your ad could appear on billboards in a sports game, or you can develop brand-sponsored levels and features uniquely personalized to players.

03. Playable ads

Playable ads are becoming more popular for driving installs for mobile games day by day. These ads display a playable chunk of the game, after which a user can choose whether to download it or not. A try-before-you-buy approach can lower your churn rate as those who download your game will have a clear expectation before they install.

04. Advergaming

No, advergaming is not the same as in-game native ads, where the presence of the brand is secondary. In advergame, the brand is the core of the game. The protagonist of advergames is the brand or its product. Usually, these games are free and distributed online on different devices. As for benefits, advergames are easy to customize, go viral, improve engagement, and promote brand awareness.

05. Rewarded video ads

This ad type is gamification, where users can choose to watch a full-screen ad in exchange for in-game bonuses. Usually, rewarded ads range from 15 to 60 seconds and cannot be skipped. These ads provide a positive experience for users as they don’t need to pay for in-game features like winning extra coins, unlocking new characters or levels, or receiving special items.

Wrapping up

There are plenty of ways to promote a mobile game and acquire new players. We advise you to try different approaches and test everything to find out what works best for your game. If you find that you’re struggling with mobile game marketing, be sure to reach out.